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Synacor Inc. is a technology and services company headquartered in Buffalo, New York. It provides managed portals and apps, advertising, email, authentication, and OTT video services. The company was founded in 1998 as and changed its name to Synacor in 2001. Himesh Bhise currently serves as the CEO and Tim Heasley currently serves as the CFO. Beyond Buffalo, the company has offices in Boston, Dallas, London, New York City, Ottawa, Pune, Singapore, and Tokyo. In 2012, Synacor became a public company (NASDAQ: SYNC) with an initial public offering (IPO) of $5.00 per share. In 2015, Synacor acquired Zimbra, an open source email, calendaring, and collaboration software suite. In the same year, Synacor acquired NimbleTV. In 2016, Synacor displaced Yahoo! as the portal provider for AT&T and subsequently lost this business back to Yahoo! only 3 years later in 2019. Synacor also provides authentication for HBO Go.


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Former Employee - Senior Director IT says

"I worked at Synacor full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Sr executives are lost, the CEO is very lost and should be out of a job. The reason that Synacor has not been profitable in years is due to CEO poor decision making and lack of industry knowledge."

Former Employee - Middle Management says

"I worked at Synacor full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Geez...where do I start? First of all, there is no reason on this green Earth that Synacor should be a public company. That's not on the current Sr. Mgmt but that's the only pass they get in this review. Synacor is, as my headline states, a masterclass in mismanagement especially from Himesh. Here is a guy that was plucked out of upper mid mgmt from various dying legacy cable and ISPs with ZERO C-Suite experience to lead a company with generally respectable business numbers, decent outlook, but more importantly good company morale back in 2014. Under his mgmt a short 6 years later, every metric you want to be measured as a good CEO is embarrasing. He has no strategic vision for the company. He thought 300/30/3 was a strategy. He thinks growing reoccuring software subscription revenue with the same products because he says it is a strategy. He has squandered the cash Synacor had on hand on revenue buy acquisitions that do not have any synergy to current products or services. He has destroyed the company culture and morale from the inside out. And he probably singlehandedly lost the AT&T account by overplaying his hand...thinking that Synacor provided something so unique, so valuable, so scarce that AT&T couldn't find it elsewhere. He couldn't wrap his head around the fact that it wasn't a $100M a year business as expected when we started and couldn't adjust this reality when the time to renew the deal came. He has cost at least over 100 people their jobs (and counting) during his tenure and for the last round of RIFs that was the AT&T team in LA, he joked about it at an all hands meeting WHILE THE AT&T TEAM WAS ON. Lying all the while that the company is growing and had plenty of opportunities for folks in other parts of the business. The tone deafness and cluelessness of the senior management could not have been exemplified better by them spending company money on these clear acrylic "thank you/appreciation awards" for each AT&T team member the week before they laid off everyone in the LA office. That was a hilarious joke/slap in the face/waste of money all in one that went straight into the trash. Think about how hard that is to do for a second. To give a group a people a really good laugh, insult them as well, and waste money. Its a bit of genius really. Ok...kudos for that acheivement. The Synacor BoD are complicit in this reality. Their lack of oversight as a Board of a public company is absolutely stunning. There is no manager that I know of that would still retain their job after such a dismal performance as Synacor over the last 6 years. You all should be ashamed of yourself for your lack of oversight."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at Synacor full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Competency will be punished. Leadership has no clue what they're doing but keep giving themselves pats on the back in the form of titles and promotions. Leadership has isolated themselves from the rest of the company, and filters communication down through a select few, rarely ever listening to anything someone else has to say. For example, I submitted a proposal for how to save significant money (over 500k per year) through site performance just to have 0 interest from anyone. I advised against using a home grown framework just to have it shoved down our throats. I'm surprised the board/investors has any faith in leadership after the hilarious failure that was AT&T, which ended with the CEO laughing about having to eliminate the AT&T dedicated team ,in front of the entire company. If you were granted options, you almost certainly never had a chance to use them, even if they were above water, since the company is in perpetual blackouts. You have to fight tooth and nail for an appropriate compensation package, which includes being recognized that you're doing the next level up, then having to do a development plan that lays out how to do the next level up's job, then executing on that plan and jumping through whatever extra hoops they decide to insert along the way, then maybe you'll get a promotion, if they haven't laid you off in the time being. I would be surprised if the company exists in the next year."

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"I worked at Synacor full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Benefits are not even close to average 401K match is insulting Raises were minimal or non existent Bonuses were minimal or non existent No growth opportunities. No career path on how to get promoted No goals How a company can go from the "best places to work " list to an abysmal failure in just a few years is a direct result of the malignant and gross incompetence that is running rampant in upper management. The complete lack of even a modicum of accountability allows the ineptitude to flourish like a bad rash, no one cares anymore because they don't have to, they are getting a free ride and living comfortably on their fat VP and Director salaries. The death of what truly was a great place to work can be directly attributed to the leadership and their lack of experience running a publicly traded company. In their continued quest to become profitable their new "go to" move is to keep firing more engineers, because having a company full of Executives/ VP's and Directors, while having no engineers is the way to "save" a software company. After the last "right sizing" of course no part of management was affected. When improvements are suggested (that were successful at other companies) and are told "you were just spoiled at your previous company" is a perfect example of the holier than thou attitude and unwillingness of the executives to even try and make things better. If you want to be disrespected and treated like a number, then by all means send in a resume. The C-level executive make it clear that the only people that matter are the shareholders on Wall Street, any staff meeting/announcement are wholly focused on how to keep the "street" happy."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"I worked at Synacor full-time for more than 10 years Cons: The company does not provide growth opportunities. You won't get promoted. And the upward failure of the bloated director level is humorous. Fake it till you make it, guys. Job roles become unclear. And when you look for more definition on a project or general work, a director is usually MIA or in a meeting. The frustration becomes humorous at some point. But if you don't know your role...imagine the goals set for you by your managers. Most of them are arbitrary and vague that don't give you much of an idea of what to work for. That starts at the top. The hot-winded directors spit buzz words in meetings and never deliver results, or action. Seriously. And some of the reviews nail it here about how useless the meetings are. Nothing gets done, you sit there for an hour and time is really really wasted. Let's sit around in a meeting and drink beer because it looks cool! Losers. I haven't even touched on AT&T partnership. That partnership divided an already low-morale company even further. It was terrible. Synacor created hostility and tension by totally flying by the seat of their pants through the entire partnership. Nobody on the Synacor management side knew how to handle the partnership and refused to look to current employees for suggestion, help or management issues during that ordeal. Seeing AT&T run back to an ex after that relationship is totally understandable. Plus the disconnect between employees and management is incredible. To be that bad at communicating with employees must mean it is intentional. For years employees lobbied for a liaison between employees and management to bridge the gap. Other reviews are correct, managers swipe your ideas for their own benefit. They steal ideas because developing their own products is too hard apparently. What has Synacor added to the pipeline? Further Zimbra rollouts? That's just evolution. Further there is no investment in employees, either through training or seminars. So much so that a lot of talk revolved around what other employees in the company would ever do for themselves if their position were ever eliminated. And at least 60 people could be eliminated from from the operating costs and the company would go on with business as usual. If this happened, maybe the company could upgrade the 16-pound outdated Dell laptops lol Many positions are being outsourced to India now. Cheaper labor allocates more money for hiring directors. Bed bugs closed down the Buffalo office at one point. Truth. Finances became so bad inside the company at one point auditors suggested ending the free fruit, which totally makes sense since most of it goes rotten and forces fruit fly explosions. Thanks for fighting the good fight, Himesh, and keeping that around. Then Synacor hired more directors. But, hey, have some more underwater stock."

Former Employee - Product Manager says

"I worked at Synacor full-time for more than 5 years Cons: terrible leadership; no direction; no employee development; minimal raises; apathy"

Current Employee - Engineering says

"I have been working at Synacor full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Synacor quite frankly has become an embarrassing company to work for. Any positive feelings are completely nonexistent within the company and there is no culture to speak of. Daily work life has truly become an abysmal experience. There is literally no opportunity for advancement or career growth within a rapidly dying company. I do not know of a single coworker that is not currently at least looking for other job opportunities and most are making serious efforts to leave the company. It is easy to blame all of the company's woes on upper management (as many have) but Synacor's current plight was almost inevitable. The products and services on which the company was built relied on revenue sharing with their customers. As shifting end-user behaviors have made those products have become increasingly irrelevant there simply is not a sustainable market for what little value Synacor's technologies can still provide. The reality is that Synacor is simply nearing the end of its arc and at this point the company is not salvageable."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"I have been working at Synacor full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Where careers go to die."

Former Employee - Tabloid Headline Editor says

"I worked at Synacor full-time Cons: No raises. No promotions. Doesn't matter how glowing your reviews are. If you want more money, you have to just go get a new job."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Synacor full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Ha ha ha! Today the plan is that IDM will save the company. That's rich. Well they've been trying that for awhile haven't they. Okta has a market cap of $6.5 billion and the skeleton crew working on cloud id is somehow supposed to carve out market share against a massive competitor, even though they can barely keep the lights on in between the weekly emergency releases. Not really their fault, they're just understaffed and overseen by lunatics."

Senior Technical Project Manager, Professional Services (Former Employee) says

"Engineering teams are siloed and pitted against each other rather than working together toward common goals."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"working as developer for almost one year. Some smart guys are there to be supportive and learn a lot there. But, some college are not every friendly."

Designer (Former Employee) says

"Although I enjoyed most of my experience there and felt appreciated by my direct managers, when it came to top management's priorities, a promotion felt so out of reach when I was doing the job of a manager for most of my time there already. The people I worked with is what kept me there. It is a great group of people, but the CEO and upper management does not care enough about its employees and has no clue where the business is even going. It's really a place to learn, but I wouldn't stay very long or count on growing a career here. Cons: Appreciated but not promoted for hard work, not very exciting projects to look forward to, confusing company strategy."

Senior Solutions Advisor and Consulting Architect (Current Employee) says

"Most of the people I work with at Synacor are hard working, dedicated, and want to do an excellent job. The businesses they compete against are excellent and formidable competitors and the sales cycle is very long. The management team is willing to invest in new products but a significant return is required. Cons: Restricted resources"

Specialist (Former Employee) says

"- Relaxed place to work, fun people and good location in buffalo."

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